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MG Group won the 2019 Hong Kong Most Valuable Company Award

Hosted by the flagship company name “Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Company” of Mediazone Group headquartered in Hong Kong.
On December 13, the Hong Kong and China Disruptive Innovation Forum of the Mediazone Group opened at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel and won global applause.

The editors of the group’s online magazines, together with Hong Kong’s longest-serving and most circulating English-language business annual publisher-Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Company, welcomed nearly 400 guests to the star-studded evening. The officiating guest of the evening was Dr. Chen Jiabao, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Commerce and Economic Development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
All major mainstream industries are represented, led by robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain.

The publisher and editor-in-chief of Mediazone Group gave a very sentimental and emotional keynote speech that surprised the audience. Completely different from his traditional business tone, he pointed out the challenge we all face-realizing that life is a collection of moments, and every step is a destination.
Industry-focused speakers delivered truly award-winning speeches that attracted questions from audiences and social networks.

The publisher’s prestigious Market Place social event was a huge success, with global brands showcasing award-winning sound technology, cutting-edge presentation equipment, talking dancing robots, new home and office product innovations, and organic products.
Special customized menus, fine wines, music choices, lighting and special effects took the evening to new heights and raised the standard for unforgettable events in Hong Kong.

The winners of this year’s Hong Kong Most Valuable Company Award are the best in Hong Kong’s business community. They have a keen sense of competition, devotion to the industry and loyalty to customers.