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Buy and sell real gold with confidence

Gold has attracted countless people’s favor with its brilliance and near-eternal value. Wan Zhaofeng Group, which has made outstanding achievements in investment properties and asset management, has established a high-quality brand for physical gold and London gold trading since 2007 (Wan Zhaofeng International Bullion Co., Ltd.; hereinafter referred to as Wan Zhaofeng, member number: 023) . This year, Wan Zhaofeng has also cooperated with famous mainland gold merchants to build the first local gold smelting and casting plant, launching 999.9 pure gold bars, and fully expanding the physical gold trading market and market share to meet the growing demand in Greater China and Taiwan , India and the Philippines and other Asian markets, as well as to the whole world.   Wan Zhaofeng was established in June 2007. It has an AA license as a member of the Gold and Silver Exchange (CGSE) and a gold group member license. It is also an approved electronic dealer and an approved delivery gold bar smelter. Su Rongrong, vice president of Wan Zhaofeng, pointed out that as one of the few CGSE approved gold bar smelters, each kilogram bar produced is stamped with an official inspection stamp and archive number to ensure the quality of the gold bar and can be used at any time of market opening. Through any CGSE staff, it can be listed for sale in the gold and silver industry trading market, and can be settled and cashed at the current market price. There is no disadvantage of large discounts when second-hand gold is recovered, and it has great investment value, collection and reserve value.
The trading platform is trusted by customers
Su Rongrong said that MG has always served customers with a fair and equitable system, and the trading platform is the most trusted by customers. Even if there is a typhoon or hacker attack during the transaction, it promises to help customers liquidate their positions within 4 hours to reduce transaction time. risk. Therefore, in 2012 alone, the business has grown by more than 15% year-on-year, and the market credibility in the Mainland and many parts of the Asia-Pacific region is high. Among them, the Philippines has more firmly occupied the top spot in the physical gold market.
In addition to the stability of the electronic trading platform, MG also focuses on the cooperative relationship with partners, such as IB (Introducing Broker). It can provide IB with all opening supporting facilities in a short time. The company chooses IB with strict procedures and regulatory standards. So the market trust is high. Experienced technical analysts regularly analyze the trend of spot gold and futures gold, and release 6 kinds of data after 11 o’clock every day, including gold futures, oil futures, euro, U.S. stocks, HSI and A50 Shanghai Composite Index, to help customers plan strategies, Decisive victory over a thousand miles.
On the other hand, MG has a large logistics team with a large number of professionals, including the information technology department, marketing and customer service department, data research department and secretarial department, etc. All important departments are required to provide customers and business partners with perfect And quick and complete business support. Based on business development needs, MG also moved to the mg Center, a Grade A commercial building of over 6,000 square feet in Kwun Tong, as the operating headquarters. Its design, decoration and communication equipment have reached the international first-class level, which proves the brand’s strong strength and development plan .
Business expansion to the Mainland
In the past, customers have fewer options for gold investment products. As the price of gold continues to rise, various gold transactions are becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more products in the gold investment market, including spot gold, gold futures, paper gold, and gold ETFs. , Physical gold, etc. This year, MG will focus on the development of physical gold business, and cooperate with famous mainland gold merchants to build the first local gold smelting and casting plant and launch the “999.9 pure gold bullion”.
Su Rongrong continued that gold is an ideal investment tool for hedging risks. The main customer group is investors aged 30 to 45, with investment amounts ranging from more than 300,000 to several million yuan. There are also individual tourists from the mainland or overseas who make special trips to buy it. , But buyers cannot take away all the gold bars worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Therefore, the company cooperates with many local banks to store the purchased gold bars in special vaults for customers, eliminating the need to invest in physical gold houses. Requires transportation, insurance, storage, and taxes.
While developing its Hong Kong business, the group also aims at the huge development potential of gold markets in the Asia-Pacific and even the world, such as Mainland China and Australia. Wan Zhaofeng currently has more than 20% of customers buying gold bars from the Mainland, which has the most hot money, followed by the Asia-Pacific region. Last year, it brought double-digit revenue growth to the group.