Group Overview

The story of the group

MG Group originated from the retail business, and has become a comprehensive enterprise group with diversified businesses. Its business scope includes finance, real estate, entertainment, environmental technology, hotels, and media.


The diversified business of MG Group allows the group to occupy a seat in different industries, and the interactive cooperation between businesses also brings synergies to the group, which can increase efficiency, but also share resources and save costs. In order to increase competitiveness. The group cherishes this advantage very much and has maintained a corporate culture of close cooperation between businesses for many years. It is also proud to have this team with different professions and seamless cooperation.


MG Group always keeps abreast of the market pulse and keeps abreast of international economic and trade trends. The 21st century is the era of rapid development in China. In addition to continuing to consolidate its business in Hong Kong, the Group will also implement the development policy of actively entering the Chinese mainland market, especially in finance, real estate, immigration applications and tourism businesses. At present, the State Intellectual Property Office in a cross-category infringement of well-known trademarks in a trademark invalidation case has formally determined that “Wan Zhaofeng and Tongqian graphics” are well-known to the relevant public in Mainland China and are protected by registered trademarks, confirming the brand’s popularity and reputation. Corporate brand value. In the future, the group will continue to develop its business in China, create more choices for consumers in mainland China, and promote the prosperity of the motherland’s economy.

corporate vision

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"Standardize standards, refine the future"

  • Operate with integrity and grow steadily; cultivate talents and give back to the society.

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    "Insist on integrity, professionalism, excellence"

  • Continuously learn new knowledge and technology, discover outstanding talents and cultivate professional talents

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    "Millions of Gold Ingots, Mega Life"

  • Achieving customers-Committed to customer satisfaction and success