MG Group-Social Responsibility

MG Group - Social Responsibility

Social services are based on the service purpose of “Quality Care, Whole Person Development”; and through encouraging participation, discovering personal potential and abilities to enhance the whole person development of children, young people, the elderly and the disabled, so that they can have a prosperous life.
Community Service refers to the opportunity for groups or individuals to contribute to society and serve others, allowing us to learn to serve others in a real social environment, improve our understanding of society, and enrich the content of learning.
According to the United States Corporation on National and Community Services (1995), service learning is a method of teaching citizenship, academic subjects, skills, and values. We can gain personal learning experience by actively participating in well-planned social services. , Let us develop communication skills, creativity and critical thinking skills, and thus cultivate positive values and attitudes, such as: perseverance, sense of responsibility, respect for others and commitment.

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